Angkor Temple pass set to go online & ticket price set to rise

Angkor Temple pass set to go online & ticket price set to rise

All Dreams Cambodia Team members would like to kindly inform all our valued customers and partners that from the information in the local press in regard to the Angkor Archaeological Park Temple Pass, the process is set to go online along with the rise of the ticket price expected “in the near future”. The price rise has been so far confirmed last Tuesday March 1st 2016 by an announcement from the Minister of Finance and Economy, as it had been “approved in principle, but when and how much still remains unclear”. The Temple Pass ticket price has not risen for over two decades.

Moreover, during the unveiling last Monday February 29th 2016 of the new state-run Angkor Institution that will manage ticket sales for the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap the Finance Minister has announced plans for the new e-ticketing platform. The new online ticketing system for the Kingdom’s biggest tourist draw, Angkor Wat, will be introduced to provide faster and convenient service to tourists. The proposed e-ticketing system will allow overseas visitors to upload their photos – a requirement for each ticket – and pick up their personalized tickets
before reaching the Angkor Wat site. “Payment can be done by credit card, and they just send their picture and we prepare the ticket for them,” he said. “No need to wait in long lines.” 


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