Cambodia commemorates the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement

Cambodia commemorates the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement

Cambodian people celebrate on October 23rd, the 24th Anniversary of Paris Peace Agreement which marks the end of the war and the comprehensive political settlement of the Cambodia conflict signed by the Four Political Factions in Paris back in 1991.


This special day also marked the official end of the Cambodian-Vietnamese war. The Paris Peace Agreement led to the deployment of the first post-Cold War UN Peace Keeping Mission and the first ever occasion in which the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (U.N.T.A.C.) took over as the government of a state. Nineteen governments signed the agreement. It also led to the 1st General Elections in July 1993 which restored the Constitutional Monarchy and the Kingdom of Cambodia’s present flag.


The Royal Government of Cambodia announced in late 2012 that every 23rd October will be a Public Holiday to commemorate the anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement.


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